Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the boats leave from?
It depends. Some boats leave from Charlotte Amalie or Red Hook, St Thomas and some leave from Cruz Bay or Coral Bay, St John. We can help you find a boat that leaves from an area that's convenient for you.

Do I need a passport?
For boats bound for the BVI, all passengers are required to have a valid passport. If your trip stays in US waters, no passport is needed.

What's included?
Different boats offer different amenities. All offer fresh drinking water and personal floatation devices for guests who may need a bit of extra assistance swimming. Some boats also offer snorkeling equipment, snacks, meals, and an open bar. We can advise which boats offer which amenities.

Can you accommodate cruise ship passengers?
Yes. We have relationships with boats that are definitely able to accommodate cruise ship passengers. These captains are mindful of cruise ship schedules and can be sure to have you back in time for your ship's departure. They will also be able to take you to destinations that are far less crowded than where cruise ship excursions visit. For more info, visit our page all about cruise ship passengers.

Are these trips safe for kids?
Yes, many of the boats we work with are great experiences for kids of all ages. Many boats offer child-sized life jackets, safety netting, kid-sized snorkel gear, and more. We can also help you to pick a boat trip that has swim vests/belts and floatation noodles, on board restrooms, kid-friendly food, and even discounted pricing for kids.

Where are the snorkeling spots?
The snorkeling spot you visit will be decided by the captain once you're underway. One of the great things about visiting the Virgin Islands is how many amazing snorkeling spots our captains have to choose from, and most will try to bring you to locations that are inaccessible by land. They'll make their choice based on weather and water conditions to ensure the best experience for guests.

How do I pay?
In most instances, we require a 20% deposit to reserve spaces for your trip/activity, with the remainder paid once you get on the boat. For select activities, full payment will be made directly to the boat.

What if there's bad weather?
In the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean at large, it is very common to get rain everyday. Rarely do these showers last for more than about 20 minutes, and they often produce gorgeous rainbows. In the event that the captain decides the weather is too rough and cancels the trip, we'll do our best to rebook you on the same/similar trip on another day. If this can't be done, no money will be charged.

How many people will be on our trip?
The number of people on your trip primarily depends on the type of boat you choose. Larger boats have more space, and can thus carry far more people. Smaller boats have a smaller capacity limit. We can work with you to find the size of boat that works for you, and we'll do our best to find out how many other guests will be on your trip.

Will I get seasick?
While we certainly hope not, seasickness depends on several factors, most namely conditions and the individual person. We can recommend the steadiest boats, and captains will choose the calmest routes. Guests who are worried about becoming seasick should stay on deck, in the shade, and look at the horizon to avoid motion sickness. Dehydration and hangovers can exacerbate seasickness, too. Make sure to alert the captain at the first sign of seasickness, as they may have seasickness bands for you to wear, ginger for you to chew, or other suggestions.

What's your cancellation policy?
The cancellation policy ultimately depends on the policy of the activity/boat, but typically this is around 48 hours. Please contact us as soon as you know your plans have changed. If possible, we'll do our best to book your party on another trip.

Is it more expensive to book with you than to book directly?
No. The prices through Blue Ocean are exactly the same as what you'd pay if you booked directly. The difference is that we're able to quickly and easily find you just the right boat with just one call or email Save time and effort, and know you're finding the boat that's right for you.

How far in advance should I book my trip?
While it's tough to say what the perfect amount of lead time is to book your day trip, we recommend our guests book a trip with us as soon as they've finalized their travel arrangements. This will give you the most flexibility in terms of booking the day and destination you prefer. We also recommend guests book their day trip in the first part of their vacation, in case the trip needs to be rescheduled for weather, illness, etc, you'll still have time to take your boat trip.

What is the best day to book my trip? The least crowded?
If your vacation schedule allows, Saturday and Sunday are often less crowded than other days, because many vacationers are on a weeklong trip (beginning and ending on the weekend), so weekends are travel days for many guests. We also recommend guests book their day trip as early in their vacation as possible. This allows for a cushion of time if the trip needs to be rescheduled because of weather, illness, etc. If you book a day trip for the end of your vacation, there isn't a lot of wiggle room to reschedule, and you may miss your trip.

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