Visit Tortola in the British Virgin Islands

Tortola, Spanish for "Turtle Dove", is the largest and most populous of the British Virgin Islands, and is the first introduction many guests have to the BVI. Even those who are destined for smaller islands in the BVI must first connect through Tortola, thus making the island the "center" of the British Virgin Islands. Tortola's main town of Road Town is home to several grocery stores, gasoline stations, hotels, and restaurants and serves as the most common place to get a ferry to other islands. Road Town is also home to the island's cruise ship dock, making the tiny town quite busy on days when a ship is in port.

Like many of the other Virgin Islands (both US and British), activities like going to the beach, fishing, and diving are quite popular, but the real draw for many people who come to Tortola is the sailing. The waters off Tortola, including the famed Sir Francis Drake Channel, are some of the most desirable for casual and competitive sailors alike, as conditions are a consistent 10-15 knot breeze with warm, clear water. These conditions, along with the close proximity of dozens of coves and anchorages, make Tortola and the BVI one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world.

Accessible to both boaters (and in many cases) visitors exploring by land, are several attractive white sand beaches on Tortola's north shore. Stroll along the nearly-mile long crescent beach at famed Cane Garden Bay, take in the beauty at Smuggler's Cove, surf Lambert Bay or Josiah's Bay (when the swell's up), or stop in to Bomba's Shack on Apple Bay, home to the island's most famous full moon parties. Many visitors will happily note that while these gorgeous beaches have numerous mooring balls available for charters, the island lacks the mega resorts that plagues many other tropical locales.

Like almost all of the other Virgin Islands, Tortola is a volcanic island (Anegada is a coral island). As such, there is an immense amount of topographical change across the island. Tortola's highest point, Mt. Sage at 1750ft, offers hiking and excellent views of the surrounding Virgin Islands. But unlike many of the other US and British Virgin Islands, Tortola is also home to an area large and flat enough to serve as an international airport, Beef Island (EIS). While no direct flights are available from the mainland of the United States or Europe, connecting service is available from St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Anguilla, and St Martin.

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