Plan a Sunset Sail in the Virgin Islands

There is perhaps no time more awe-inspiring in the Virgin Islands than sunset. As the sun starts to sink towards the horizon, capping off yet another day in paradise, locals and visitors alike will stop and stare in amazement as the sky transforms from crystal blue to unlimited shades of red, orange, pink, and purple. And what time more romantic and relaxing to take to the water than sunset.

Each evening, numerous boats in both St Thomas and St John cast off from the dock for a sunset sail (even those that aren't sailboats!). Departure and return times fluctuate throughout the year depending on the sunset time, but almost all last between one and a half and three hours. Departure locations and destinations of each boat vary, and some boats trips will even include a stop for snorkeling. Included amenities like snacks and an open bar vary from boat to boat.

We can help you find the perfect end to your day in paradise, so contact us now for detailed info on sunset sails. We offer independent, expert, no-charge advice, and booking services on every St Thomas and St John sunset sail boat available.

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