Snorkel the Clear Blue Ocean Water of the Virgin Islands

Travel writers refer to the BVI as "nature's little secret" and the USVI has bestowed its islands with the term "America's Caribbean," so it stands to reason that the collective Virgin Islands would hold the fantastic snorkeling it does. From the exotic and impressive Caves and the Indians of Norman Island, to the world-famous Baths of Virgin Gorda and the turtle-rich Leinster Bay on St John, the Virgin Islands offers snorkeling conditions for beginning snorkelers, expert snorkelers, and everyone in between.

For vacationers looking for the best snorkeling in the USVI, there are several options. On St Thomas, visit the popular Coki Beach, where calm waters are welcoming to children and provide great visibility for all. Over on St John, do the Waterlemon Cay hike from the Annaberg ruins to arrive at the remote Leinester Bay. If you're looking for a more accessible snorkeling experience, explore the underwater trail at Trunk Bay beach, part of the Virgin Islands Reef National Monument. On St John's East End, explore the sometimes rough Haulover Bay and the expansive mangrove forest of Hurricane Hole. Or to visit untouched snorkeling spots without the crowds, let us help you select a USVI snorkeling trip that caters to your group, budget, and interests.

If you want to experience the best snorkeling in the BVI, many visitors agree that the only way to see the most dramatic, interesting spots is via boat. For instance, the Indians- off Norman Island- are accessible only by boat, but are home to sea fans, reef fish, crustaceans, and even harmless jelly fish. The Wreck of the Rhone off Salt Island is considered to be one of the best wreck diving sites in the the Caribbean, but because the water is so clear and the wreck so well preserved in relatively shallow water (as little as 35 feet), it's also an excellent place for an adventurous snorkel. Monkey Point is located on the southern tip of Guana Island provides snorkelers the magical opportunity to swim with sea turtles.

Snorkel boat trips in the BVI not only allow guests to reach lesser known snorkeling sites, but they also often tie in visits to other popular attractions, for instance the Baths and Cooper Island. While the Baths is most famous for its huge boulders and natural grottos, visitors can also experience a fun snorkeling trail between the entrance to the Baths and Devil's Bay. On Cooper Island, guests can enjoy a fresh lunch from the restaurant of the Cooper Island Beach Club, then snorkel Manchioneel Bay or Cistern Point.

While many boats tout the snorkeling component to their day trips, not all are created the same. We can help you find a trip that offers as much or as little snorkeling as you want, while combining the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. We can even help you to find boats that offer both free equipment usage, as well as instruction for guests who may be new to snorkeling. With just a few minutes of instruction, most children and adults can easily learn to snorkel and be enjoying the aquatic life below the surface of the water. Call or email us now to begin planning your snorkeling boat trip in the Virgin Islands.

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