Dive or Snorkel the Rhone Wreck

Widely considered to be the best diving spot in the British Virgin Islands, this shipwreck is definitely worth the trip for divers and snorkelers alike. The RMS Rhone was a British mail ship that sank just off the coast of Salt Island in a hurricane on October 29, 1867. Over 100 crew members perished when oscillating winds slammed the ship into Black Rock Point on Salt Island. The relatively/comparatively cold sea water hit the ships red-hot boilers, causing the Rhone to explode and quickly sink, just yards from safety.

Today, however life abounds at the Rhone, thanks to the coral reef that's taken hold to her skeleton. Dozens of corals grow throughout the wreck, and serve as home to hundreds of fish. Over time divers and snorkelers have spotted turtles, rays, and dolphins in and around the site. The Rhone is a great place for divers, because there are relatively few enclosed spaces, and those that are enclosed are large, making for safe, bright diving conditions. Despite being 60-80 feet underwater, the wreck of the HMS Rhone is also an interesting and enjoyable snorkeling destination because the waters are so clear, especially in the middle of a bright sunny day.

On your next vacation do you want to snorkel or dive at the Rhone, the best diving site in the Virgin Islands, and one of the best diving spots in the world? If so, call or email us now!

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