Visit Pusser's in the British Virgin Islands

The key ingredient in any authentic Painkiller (like those made at the Soggy Dollar) is Pusser's dark rum. The "original" Pusser's rum was part of the daily ration for British soldiers and privateers sailing the Caribbean in the 1700s, and continued to be part of their ration until the late 1970s. Then, after nearly a decade of hard work and persuasion, (modern) Pusser's founder Charles Tobias was granted the recipe for the rum, and for the first time in history, the storied Pusser's rum was available to the public.

Today, while there are numerous Pusser's outposts throughout the Caribbean, other American sailing towns, and even Europe, the original Pusser's remains here in the Virgin Islands. Long considered to be the chain's flagship location, the Pusser's at Marina Key on Tortola's northeast side, is also the most iconic. It is here that the famous red phone booth sits at the dock's end, just begging for a vacation photo opp. Pussers also has outposts in Road Town and Soper's Hole on the West End, making for great place to stop for lunch or dinner after clearing customs.

To sip authentic Pussers rum, and even take an iconic red phone booth photo, call or email us now to find out how you can visit Pusser's on Tortola.

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