Norman Island BVI

While much of the Caribbean is rich with history of galleons, high-seas drama, treasure, and pirates, perhaps no island holds so much history and mystery as the uninhabited Norman Island. Widely believed to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, Norman Island fully embraces the tale, and even has place names like Privateer Bay, Money Bay, Treasure Point, and a restaurant called Pirates, serving traditional West Indies cuisine. The Willy T, a floating pirate bar in the middle of the Bight completes the buccaneer experience of Norman Island.

On Norman Island, you can channel your inner treasure seeker as you explore the Indians and the Caves, some of the most famous and best snorkeling in the BVI. Clear, calm warm waters encourages snorkelers of all skill levels to linger over colorful fish, healthy coral reefs, and caves- rumored to be the hiding place of historic pirate booty.

Interested in visiting Norman Island on a boat trip? Want to snorkel the Caves or the Indians? Want to party aboard the Willy T? We can help you find the perfect boat and plan your trip to Norman Island. We offer independent, expert, no-cost advice on every day charter boat available, call or email us now.

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