Snorkel at the Indians in the BVI

Not far from the bight in Norman Island lies one of the best snorkeling spots in the BVI. The Indians, named because the four rock spires which rise about 40 feet from the water resemble a Native American headdress, is short boat trip from both the USVI and Tortola. Boats can pick up a day mooring in the lee of Pelican Island, right next to the Indians, and this is a great place to begin snorkeling the Indians.

The Indians is not on many cruise ship excursions, so it is both a tranquil, less crowded than other snorkeling spots in the USVI and BVI. Having fewer guests also has helped to preserve the health of the reef. People seek the Indians out because there is a very healthy, unbleached reef system, clear, calm water, dozens of species of tropical fish, and even other marine life like turtles and rays. Advanced snorkelers can dive down to get a closer look at some of the lower lying reef and even swim through an underwater tunnel! The Indians offer the best snorkeling in the BVI, and even divers rate it as the second best diving spot in the BVI (behind the Wreck of the Rhone), so the Indians are a must-see.

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