Plan Full Day Boat Trip in the USVI

Full Day domestic trips are the best bet for vacationers looking to really experience what the waters of the Virgin Islands offer, but can't or don't want to present their passports. Full day trips allow guests to experience multiple snorkeling stops, ample swimming time, exploration of hidden coves and beaches, and endless photo opportunities of the majestic US Virgin Islands.

Because guests don't have to travel as far aboard the boat to their destination or clear customs, day trips to the USVI often leave much later in the morning- as late as 9:30 am- allowing guests plenty of time to sleep in or work out while on vacation. Trip return times vary by boat and agenda.

If you'd like to experience the majesty of the US Virgin Island from the water on your vacation, contact us now. We can help you find the boat, destination, and departure time that's right for you. We offer independent, expert, no-charge advice on every Virgin Islands day charter boat available.

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