Cruise Ship Excusions in St Thomas

Many people visiting the USVI are only here for one day, as they are aboard a Caribbean cruise that makes a stop at the port of St Thomas. While the extensive Duty-Free shopping in Charlotte Amalie can be quite a draw for shoppers, visitors who don't leave downtown will miss out on the beauty of the US Virgin Islands- much of which still look as it did when Christopher Columbus first discovered the archipelago over five hundred years ago.

For cruise ship passengers who want to see St Thomas, St John, and their surrounding waters, many think their only option is to sign up for one of the costly, cruise-ship company led excursions. While these trips can take visitors to interesting and gorgeous places, they often are far more expensive than necessary and are notoriously crowded with fellow cruise ship passengers. The officials aboard the ship are excellent at selling their own excursions (they are in the money making business, after all) and often do so by instilling fear in passengers that local vendors are unethical, unreliable, and will make you miss your ship's departure. While it's true that every place has less-than-professional vendors, we have eliminated this concern by only working with vendors who are respected local community members who love their island and want to share it with all. Whether you're looking to go on a sailing and snorkeling trip, scuba dive, hike, or simply take a tour by boat or open-air taxi, contact us now. We can help you plan a tour that is far more adventurous, exciting, and affordable, but far less crowded.

Call or email us now to begin planning your St Thomas and St John exploration while on your cruise ship vacation. We offer independent, expert, no-charge advice on every Virgin Islands fishing charter boat available.

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