Visit Cooper Island and Cooper Island Beach Club

A favorite spot of repeat and first-time visitors, Cooper Island in the British Virgin Islands is the ideal place to play, relax, and repeat. This small island is part of the Little Sisters chain- famous for its great scuba diving and snorkeling spots- that most notably includes Norman Island, Salt Island, Peter Island, and Ginger Island, among others- and is an ideal place come ashore when cruising the waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. And there's no better place to take in the beauty than at the Cooper Island Beach Club.

The Cooper Island Beach Club, fully-renovated between 2009 and 2013, is a luxurious, though unpretentious tropical island retreat. Beautifully appointed guest rooms are modern, inviting, and environmentally conscious. This eco- approach is a core focus for the Cooper Island Beach Club team, as the resort is located in Manchioneel Bay, which is known to be a pristine snorkeling and diving spot. Manchioneel Bay provides divers and snorkelers with a great venue to spot large schools of clownfish, blue tang, butterfly fish, parrot fish, and even an octopus or turtle, thanks to nutrient rich waters created when the narrow underwater passageways meets the open ocean. And just to the south and east of the resort lies Cistern Point, an ideal place to spot crabs, lobsters, and even a nurse shark or two! Above water, rent a stand up paddle board or a kayak to further explore the coastline of Cooper Island.

After all of that exploring, you deserve a cold drink and good meal, and the Club's outdoor restaurant, bar, and lounge have you covered. Deep outdoor sofas and comfortable chairs are the perfect place to sip a custom cocktail as you watch the sun sink into the horizon. Make your way to the adjacent restaurant to dine on local favorites like conch, Caribbean rotis, and even a Black Angus steak. After a day at the Cooper Island Beach Club, you'll be relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for the next Caribbean adventure.

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