Explore the Caves on your day trip to the BVI

Located on the infamous Norman Island, the Caves are a must see for any snorkeler visiting St Thomas, St John, or any of the British Virgin Islands. Rumored to be the hiding place of ill-gotten treasure back in the pirate area, the Caves now offer guests an opportunity to experience a completely unique snorkeling adventure. Depart your boat with a mask, snorkel, and fins and immerse yourself in the cool blue waters where tropical fish abound. As you begin swimming towards the caves, you'll notice volcanic rock and coral outcroppings rising towards the surface. Use caution around these reef formations, as oceanic swell can push unsuspecting snorkelers into the rocks, causing minor cuts. You'll also want to use caution in both the approach to the cave, as well as once you're inside, as the area is home to many urchins. Urchins are marine animals that look like little balls covered with big porcupine spines. The urchins are usually black in color, so they're pretty easy to see out in the daylight, but can be harder to spot in the dark.

Once you arrive at the mouth of the cave, you may be amazed by its depth- you often can't see the back. Let the wave action gently carry you deeper into the cave, until you reach the rear of the cave, where you'll encounter a tiny sandy beach. Here, it's easy to imagine pirates stashing their loot. Look around- you never know if you too will find pirate booty in the Caves of Norman Island!

To retrace the steps of pirates- and maybe even find treasure of your own, call or email us now to learn how you can visit the Caves of Norman Island on your next Virgin Islands vacation.

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